Istituto Marangoni offers scholarships, with the mentorship of Elena Salmistraro, for students enrolling in the three-year courses in Interior Design, Product Design and Visual Design

There is time until July 24 to submit applications for one of the scholarships that Istituto Marangoni Milan • The School of Design has made available for students enrolling to the Bachelor courses in Interior Design, Product Design and Visual Design of its Milano Design Schoolin collaboration with Elena Salmistraro.


Successful applicants who will obtain one of the scholarships will each receive a deduction of up to 5,000 euros from the enrollment fee for the first year.

Internationally renowned artist and designer, Elena Salmistraro will have the role of mentor, supporting students in the development of projects that will touch all three universes explored by the academic offer of Istituto Marangoni Milano.

At the end of the course, the most deserving talents will receive a further incentive: another scholarship to face the second and third year of the degree course.

Who is Elena Salmistraro

For Elena Salmistraro, emotion is to all intents and purposes a function of the object. In her work, which she carries out for the most famous brands in furniture design but also for outside-the-box giants such as Disney, Steinway, Apple, Nike or Huawei, she draws inspiration from illustration and street-art , from fashion and masks, from animals and nature in general, but also from traditions, mythology and the different cultures of the world.

Elena Salmistraro: watch the Interni Design Journal video interview

Elena Salmistraro's creations are therefore eclectic, joyful and imaginative, and the result of her ability to put together art and industrial design in a mix that is highly appreciated today by those seeking design objects of meaning, capable of communicating something beyond mere function.

One of the priorities of her work is the meticulous study of the harmony of forms, researched in the expressiveness of objects, in animism, in the poetry of stories and in emotions.

It is this wealth of inspiration, modus operandi, sensitivity to anthropological, social and cultural influences that Elena Salmistraro now brings to the Milan Design School of the Istituto Marangoni as a mentor.

How to access Istituto Marangoni scholarships?

To submit your application for scholarships you must send, via this link, a moodboard of 9 images or a video inspired by Elena Salmistraro's aesthetics and vision, interpreted in a personal and innovative way.