The Marine Mapei line meets the needs of all kinds of boats: cargo ships, cruise ships, offshore units and yachts

The excellence of Mapei in the sector of chemicals and materials can also be applied in the nautical sector, where the company has operated for year with a wide range of solutions for the construction of boats of all kinds: cargo ships, cruise ships, offshore units and yachts.

The Marine Mapei offerings combine good looks and functional quality to respond to the needs of a market that seeks innovative cutting-edge solutions. Mapei products are organized in complete systems capable of guaranteeing certified quality, excellent performance, functionality, reliability, durability, ease of use and application.

The Mapei systems can be deployed in various areas of a vessel (cabins, lounge areas, decks, but also service spaces) and in different fields (from waterproofing to products for sealing gaps, solutions for decks to those for easy cleaning).

In particular, Mapei has developed: avant-garde solutions for the surfaces of indoor and outdoor decks with high elasticity and flexibility, resistance to chemicals and abrasion, available in different colors to create different effects and compositions, as well as the teak version to simulate the natural effect of wood (Mapedeck Teak Design, Mapedeck Teak Evolution, Mapedeck Mono Design, Mapedeck Mirum, Mapedeck Terrazzo, Mapedeck Antiskid F4, Mapedeck Starlight Design).

The company also provides solutions for acoustic comfort on cargo and cruise ships, and offshore drilling platforms where the noise generated by the constant work of crew and machinery is a source of discomfort. Mapei offers ways to fight noise caused by vibration and impact: Mapefloat System, Mapevisco System, Mapedeck I.S. (Impact Sound) System, Mapedeck I.S. System Lite.