Bigfoot is a furnishing system to exploit all available space. Even when there is none

The idea is innovative: to exploit available space, even when there is none, thanks to a vanishing furniture system. It comes from Protek, an Italian company with extensive experience in the design and production of counter-frames and systems for sliding windows and doors. The firm has created Bigfoot, a patented system that makes use of structural dividers and zones of passage inside buildings to offer aesthetic and functional solutions that combine design, creativity and innovation.

A new format that will be increasingly in use for new residential projects, designed to have their furnishings built into the walls, or placed adjacent to existing structures, in order to appear and then to vanish as needed, adapting to different lifestyles and moments of the day.

From traditional practical elements like shoe storage units, bookcases, tables, beds and pantries, coat racks and closets, all the way to smart applications with bar cabinets, fitness or entertainment gear. With solutions for homes but also for the contract market, hotels, yachts and many other spaces where walls are no longer just walls, becoming furnishings one would not have imagined existed, completely personalized for specific needs.

The system comes in two versions: Architectural, to built into the wall in the phase of design or refurbishing of the home; and Interior, to simply attached to the wall, not requiring particular construction work. Both versions do not require building permits, and are speedy and simple to install.

The system is composed of a counter-frame in aluminium, with a rigid but also light structure, designed to host the Bigfoot storage module. It can be used with plasterboard or with rigid panels made of wood, marble, ceramic or MDF, to adapt to any existing decor.