The new Sartoria collections combine innovation and tradition

Terratinta Group presents the latest collections of Sartoria, the brand known for its pursuit of a lively, refined dialogue between innovation and tradition.

Scenari, for a wallpaper effect, is the collection for which the brand is experimenting with alternative approaches to ceramic materials. Patterns made by hand, created by emerging young designers, that feature graphics and designs in forceful, intense colors, all made with ‘cold-process’ digital printing.

Genesi is the collection in a small format based on the desire to explore the origins of the material, observing the most imperceptible details, the most hidden shadings, the purest essence. A creative investigation thanks to which matter takes on form and becomes ornament, giving rise to four families of patterns conceived to transform spaces: Light, Air, Earth, Water.

Artigiana is the collection of handmade products that returns to the charm of color, the unique character of imperfection, the power of material. Different forms, including geometric shapes, are combined with the use of glazing effects by now forgotten in the industry, through which the brand communicates the start of a path of rebirth of crafted ceramics Made in Italy, in a perspective where value lies in what at first glance seems to be flawed.