Interni October 2019 on newsstand

Raw, smooth or rough concrete, statuary marble, ancient or hi-tech stone, sintered to a solid mass, then timber and metals. Architectural research is profoundly tactile in the design achievements selected for this issue, ranging from the Po Valley to Tuscany, London, Tel Aviv and Mexico City.

Fabrications and finishes, craft skills, technological innovation: the building material becomes a narrative thread in the new studio-atelier of the artist-architect Pedro Reyes at Coyoacán, in the renovated Kensington terrace house by Flow Architecture with Magrits or in the villa designed by Pitsou Kedem in an Israeli moshav. These are just a few examples.

The same theme forms the common thread running through the design projects. It starts with glass, the expression of a new frontier of personalisation of interiors for technology and sustainability, with increasingly refined solutions. Then interviews with six well-known designers who have experimented with stone recount new scenarios for the stone industry, because “marble can make every single serial product unique”.

Finally, ceramics, a source of pride for Italian manufacturing worldwide, and wood, an increasingly transversal feature of interiors, so wrapping up this survey of the novelties. And they show us how creativity, innovation and technology always evolve hand in hand, in a strongly complementary relationship.