The tourism-shopping hub of Gruppo IrgenRE will be just a few kilometers from the site of Pompeii and Mt. Vesuvius

Over 170 million euros, and an ambitious project: to create a hub for tourism and shopping in as part of the effort of urban regeneration of an area already full of beautiful landscapes, while providing 1500 new jobs.

Today the futuristic project of IrgenRE Group takes the form of the Maximall Pompeii, which will open to the public in about two years. The name indicates the natural symbiosis of the multifunctional center with the archaeological sites, while the position reflects the potential to intercept the large flows of people from the surrounding areas, from Naples to the Sorrento coast.

The complex will have an area of 200,000 m2, and will contain many services as well as about 200 brands, on two levels, including the most important national and international trademarks, through which to stroll under an entirely glazed roof. The mall will also feature a 4-star hotel managed by Marriott Bonvoy Group, with over 135 rooms; an auditorium for 1100 seats on an area of about 3000 m2, also with 8 cinemas, a theater and a conference room; 30 restaurants in an area of 3000 m2; an outdoor plaza-amphitheater for events of 6500 m2, from which to gaze at the breathtaking spectacle of a dancing fountain, with jets reaching a height of over 25 meters; a second multimedia plaza indoors, of 800 m2; a parking area for 5000 cars and 30 tour buses.

In a logic of ecosustainable renewal, Maximall Pompeii also offers a large green park, equipped and open to the public, of 50,000 m2, and an original 6000 m2 rooftop on which to jog and to enjoy relaxing moments, with a fine view of the Gulf of Naples.