The sustainable installation has been donated to the Milan Polytechnic to pass on the power of sharing and Brazilian crafts

Displayed during the FuoriSalone in the Brera Design District, the striking collective and sustainable artistic installation Melissa Campana Crochet welcomed over 27,000 visitors.

Composed of 17,000 meters of recycled PVC cord from Melissa’s production, done with crochet work by over 100 people, including artists and fans of the Brazilian footwear brand, the project was made in collaboration with the brothers Fernando & Humberto Campana.

The work involving the passion and stories of 26 art collectives from 14 cities in Brazil has been donated to the Politecnico di Milano in order to pass on the power of sharing and Brazilian crafts to new generations.

The interactive installation thus becomes part of the permanent landscape of the campus at Bovisa, outside building B3 and in front of the Polifactory, the FabLab of the Milan Polytechnic.

The multidisciplinary Hangar Design Group that handled the implementation of Melissa Campana Crochet for the FuoriSalone also contributed to the donation.

“The Melissa Crochet Campana installation is the result of the desire to make a work involving various NGOs in Brazil. With the donation of the piece to the Politecnico di Milano we are even more enthusiastic, because besides creating a new space of interaction for the students, this extends the life of the structure made of plastic, demonstrating the possibility of aware use of the material. Over time, with wear and fading, the material can open the way for other recycling options, included in other products. This is the challenge we are proposing,” says Humberto Campana.

The life of the plastic structure has been extended, demonstrating the possibility of an aware use of the material” Humberto Campana"