Few, but significant, furnishings are enough to inhabit a 17th century house restored to its former glory. If the majestic coffered ceiling dominates the white living room, it is the a ‘stua’, covered in ’embroidered’, Swiss stone pine and pervaded by the scent of wood, that hosts the sleeping area

In Sondrio, after years of neglect, a house dating back to the seventeenth century returns to shine with its own light, pure and steeped in history.

Over the years, the residence had undergone numerous changes and alterations. The intervention by the architect Gianluigi Moreschi aimed to give new life to the spaces by bringing them back to their original configuration and affecting the valuable elements as little as possible. Opulent in meticulously worked material coverings, it is now a pure linear volume, supported by a few, simple but important, contemporary grafts.

The renovations required the intervention of skilled local artisans, the most qualified for a careful, scrupulous, almost maniacal recovery of the original parts such as ceilings, floors and walls.

Simple and sophisticated, the house is composed of an airy and bright main space surmounted by high ceilings that houses the living area and a welcoming and suggestive environment that welcomes the sleeping area: a stua entirely covered in Swiss pine warm and enveloping aesthetics of the raw material, embroidered with embossed decorations with classic references, combines the intoxicating scent of wood.

The living area has been enriched by an intimate and cozy mezzanine where you can relax, accessible from the staircase custom-made which turns into a functional storage system. The contemporary lines, light and candid, of all the inserted elements emphasize, by subtraction, the historical and material context.

Made to order, the fully wooden kitchen block was subsequently lacquered in white as if to blend in with the purity of the walls. The absolute protagonist is the wonderful original coffered ceiling. Majestic, engraved and decorated yet discreet and sober, it is made up of panels and wooden beams carefully restored by local craftsmen.

Particular attention was paid to the choice of the few and selected furnishings. Furniture with linear, almost monastic design, made with natural materials, alternates with pieces that have made the history of design. The result is extremely sophisticated in its (apparent) simplicity.

In the bathroom, the shower and the floor have been covered with a local brushed stone with elegant variegated green colors. The glass is set in the stone without any connecting element, so as to create a pleasant aesthetic continuity.