The digital that combines home design with real estate. Milano Contract District launches Home-J, the new web app that makes it possible to control every phase of the journey leading to the creation of a new home

Milano Contract District’s response to the needs of real estate is based on integrating processes between the home design industry and the real estate supply chain, having introduced the first “customer journey” of the sector to the market, which it is now expanding with new digital tools. According to Lorenzo Pascucci, founder of Milan Contract District, to cope with the post-Covid era, “it is important to take note of the accelerating changes undergone by some processes and prepare to cope with them with the solidity of a large group through a business model capable of offering a service aimed at a safe, experiential, customizable turnkey home purchase.”

MCD's promise is to guarantee access to a showroom of over 1700 square meters, closed to the general public and open to visitors only by private appointment scheduled with a personal architect. The service is already aligned with the new ways of selling and buying after the emergency. Since last May, the Home-J App has also been available. This is a digital interface by which customers (B2C) and promoters (B2B) will be able to remotely monitor all the steps in the progress of a housing project, from the archive of documents to the timeline of deliveries and after-sales assistance

“Home-J”, concludes Pascucci “is an exclusive and unique instrument designed to accompany  clients  from the pre-contract to the signing of the deeds and also subsequently with after-sales assistance for the  interior design.  This innovative technological solution was launched two years ago when there was still no fear of a situation like the one we are experiencing today. In reality, it was ahead of its time, thanks to its ability to remotely manage and visualize  the typical activities in the  phase  of personalizing  one’s home and amplifying the physical experience guaranteed by our showroom with additional services released digitally today.”