A public garden of over 10,000 m2 and a permanent art collection, including three works by Mario Airò, Stefano Arienti and Loris Cecchini: this is how the proposal of Monte Rosa 91 is renewed, in a union of art, nature and architecture

On the occasion of the International Day of Light, AXA IM Alts inaugurated 91 at Monte Rosa The Parco della Luce, an extensive garden of over 10,000 m2 located within the campus and accessible to all citizens.

On this occasion, Prima Luce was also presented, a permanent itinerary of site-specific works of art, accessible free of charge to visitors: the project, conceived and curated by Helga Marsala for Artribune Produzioni, developed around the campus and in particular the area of ​​the artificial hill, between the Parco della Luce and the adjacent building intended for professional activities and services.

Monte Rosa 91 is a property managed by AXA IM Alts on behalf of its clients and recently redeveloped by Renzo Piano Building Workshop: its social vocation is renewed, also in this case , with the commitment to become a point of reference for the urban community by implementing the campus offer with two new projects.

“It is a very interesting model - comments the councilor for Urban Regeneration Giancarlo Tancredi - of how an office space opens up to the city and enriches the work experience, in a quality and welcoming environment, designed by our greatest signature of contemporary architecture.”

The concept of the redevelopment project of the green area, previously inaccessible and now named "Parco della Luce", was curated by AG&P greenscape and is focused on reconnection of the city's ecological corridors through the valorisation of the existing green heritage and the introduction of new natural elements to increase biodiversity and create a natural environment that can be used by those who work in the building.

The large courtyard and the forest, which now merges with the new office block, have become the trait d'union between the complex and the city and at the same time a high-impact corporate welfare operation.

In numbers, the garden redevelopment project saw the recovery of over 93 existing trees, 42 new trees, 60 large shrubs and 13,800 small shrubs and perennials. Furthermore, Cardex, a leader in the field of interior design and contract, contributed to the layout of the garden and, with its expertise, chose Colos and Magis as partners dedicated to this purpose.

“In the context of contemporary urban architecture, landscape design plays a crucial role in shaping public and private places in harmony with the surrounding environment. In addition to giving aesthetics and functionality to the spaces, our intervention", underlines Emanuele Bortolotti, founding partner of AG&P greenscape, "aims to create multisensory experiences and widespread well-being for who works in Monte Rosa 91 and for all visitors to the Parco della Luce, through the integration of natural elements such as plants, trees and sustainable materials, offering a tangible connection with nature, promoting environmental and social sustainability and thus contributing to defining the distinctive character of this one-of-a-kind park.”

Prima Luce is an artistic project curated by Helga Marsala, with the design direction of Artribune Produzioni, which revolves around three large site-specific works of art by Mario Airò («Ottava d’oro, ottava di lead», 2023), Stefano Arienti («Rows of poplars», 2023) and Loris Cecchini («The orbital promenade, chorus of solstices», 2023).

The installations relate intimately to the architecture thanks to a research path born from the comparison between the artists, the curatorial direction and the designers of the Renzo Piano Building Workshop.

At the center is the theme of light, intertwined with that of nature: a complex horizon that is at once scientific, aesthetic, poetic, philosophical.

Declined in a sculptural or pictorial key, the works generate a luminous progression: from the closed spaces of the ground floor to the top of the hill, from the artificial frequencies of the LEDs up to the daylight, which filters inside through the glass ceiling.

The project is the first redeveloped property to have obtained WiredScore certification, Platinum level in Italy and also aims to obtain Leed Core & Shell Gold and Leed Ebom Platinum and Breeam.