Segway is the partner of Interni for Human Spaces


Angels riding the Segway Ninebot will help visitors to get their bearings, never missing any of the events of FuoriSalone 2019. The many initiatives around the city of Milan can be experienced in a smart way thanks to a team operating in the various design districts.

The Interni Angels, special people, immediately recognizable in the street, will indicate the best of the events and installations by distributing the official Guide to the FuoriSalone and by helping people to download the smartphone app “Interni FuoriSalone.”

Segway, a leader in the field of electric mobility on two wheels, has always had the mission of producing alternative, ecological transportation for short trips. Ecosustainability, innovation and ease of use are the main characteristics of all Segway products, which offer a green alternative for short-range transportation.

The KickScooters are ideal companions for short hops thanks to their low weight and easy of transport. The two models utilized by the Interni Angels, ES1 and ES2, stand out for excellent battery performance, a display with all the trip information, bluetooth connection, built-in cruise control and extraordinary comfort on all surfaces.