An exhibition of about 80 works to narrate the exceptional path of research of the Milanese architect, designer and artist

Palazzo Reale Milano

from 23 July to 29 September 2019

The first retrospective in an Italian institution of the work of Nanda Vigoartist, designer and architect based in Milan, who has influenced the Italian and European art scene over the last 50 years.

Through about eighty works – including projects, sculptures and installations the show narrates the remarkable career of an outstanding figure on the European scene, from the 1950s to the present.

Part of the avant-garde groups of the early 1960s, Nanda Vigo has developed her own personal research on light, transparency and immateriality.

Domitilla Dardi has written about her for Interni.

The show presents works and projects across the artist’s entire career.

The fulcrum of the exhibition itinerary is a chronotopic space in the hall of mirrors.