Ritos come '(R)evolution Is The Only Solution' born from the experimental creativity of Stefano Seletti, artistic director of Seletti, and is a gender free clothing line with a free and inclusive identity

Stefano Seletti presents Ritos, the gender-free clothing line handcrafted in Italy where an original contamination between worlds and cultures meets experimental research on fabrics and materials.

Acronym of (R)evolution Is The Only Solution, a claim that represents the vision and experimental attitude of Stefano Seletti, Ritos also represents the first experience in the fashion universe by the creative director of the design company known worldwide for its unconventional pop spirit.

“I have always looked at the world of fashion with passion, it is a sector from which I have drawn and learned a lot; I carefully observed and curiously researched the comparison with those who belong to that world, the fashion designers, but also those who work in the stores and have direct contact with the tastes of the public and the evolution of trends on a daily basis", says the founder and artistic director of Ritos.

“Certainly fashion doesn't need a new brand, but Ritos is basically nothing more than a natural consequence of my innate need. As Seletti's story demonstrates, I have always tried to maintain an approach to creativity that was as free and sincere as possible, often throwing myself into adventures that many consider risky. Ritos is a new spontaneous step on this somewhat crazy journey of mine".

Fashion and furniture: a combination to dress

Ritos offers garments capable of reinventing everyday clothing: sweatshirts and trousers present unexpected volumes and movements thanks to a contamination with elements belonging to interior decoration and the world of furniture which, reinterpreted in a contemporary key, evoke the distant charm of cultures and traditions.

Contamination, research and craftsmanship are the aspects that define a project which, thanks to its multicultural and inclusive attitude, encourages the maximum expression of freedom through the language of clothing.

In the Spring/Summer 2023 collection the garments are characterized by the hand-applied sophisticated trimmings; the soft and essential lines of the workwear melt unexpectedly with the elaborate details of the borders, giving rise to interesting contrasts. Garments in black, white and gray tones acquire a strong and decisive three-dimensionality, an effect given by the craftsmanship of the trimmings but also by zips that allow you to 'open' the garments transforming their configuration.

The protagonists of the Autumn/Winter 2023 collection, on the other hand, are fabrics from the world of interiors; materials with geometric and floral patterns with a vintage flavour, traditionally used to cover upholstered furniture such as sofas, armchairs, chairs, are transformed into jackets, t-shirts, sweatshirts, trousers. Fringes, tassels and trimmings are also applied in this case together with oversized zips that combine functionality with decoration.

“I can say that I have in a certain sense reversed the process”, continues Seletti. "Up to now I have often been inspired by fashion to enrich my work in design, with Ritos instead I draw on the world of furnishings bringing some elements into fashion".