The new work of rationalist architecture at EUR in Rome stands out for its structure in travertine, contrasting with the transparency of the interiors

Contemporary architecture is back as a protagonist in Rome.

In the EUR district a volume in travertine stone with a rationalist approach, designed by Spazi Multipli, completes the original structure, the first block of the headquarters of Enterprise, a company specialized in software for banks, also by the Rome-based architecture firm.

The suspended vessel, with a partial overhang with respect to the level below, is a workspace that is also open to art, opening on 24 May with the exhibition Materiale immateriale curated by Melania Rossi, featuring a series of works that interpret the architectural space and the dialectic between tangible and intangible.


Entered from the top of the hill to the east of EUR, near the Basilica dei Santi Pietro e Paolo, the Navicella sospesa is an independent structure of 250 m2 organized on two levels facing downhill with a large expanse of glass.

The level below, wider and clad in stucco and tuff in continuity with the existing walls, also opens outward with a large transparent glazing, screened by adjustable metal blades.

“In tune with the client, we wanted a work of architecture that would develop through the contrast between the material mass of the exterior and the lightness and transparency of the interiors,” say Valentina Pandolfi, Cristina Paris and Antonio Pizzola, architects and founders of Spazi Multipli.

“The separation of the spaces is done with glass diaphragms that offer full transparency to the open spaces, while opening up always varying perspectives. The goal was to create quality in the workspaces, conveying an image of lightness and sharing, with a focus on maximum personal wellbeing through precise control of lighting, ventilation and physical plant technologies.”

“We wanted a space that would be rationalist, with simple, clean forms, and capable of establishing a relationship with the typical architecture of EUR, in contemporary style, using wood, metal and glass".

The landscape design for the park features selected trees of different Mediterranean species.

The roof garden has a large shelter made with portals of lamellar wood with adjustable sunscreens, equipped with table and benches. The L-shaped structural members create an effect of striking theatrical impact.