Water, Murano glass and color, for socializing in the kitchen

Once again this year, at the Hilton Molino Stucky in Venice, Whirlpool unveils its “showcooking” for 2014, the representation of a “live kitchen” updated every year. The new showcooking celebrates Venice, getting inspired by the city and representing its characteristic features. A pool of water at the center, like the Venetian canals that connect different people and places, encourages interaction between guests; place markers in Murano glass are a tribute to the creativity of the master craftsmen of Venice; in the background, another tribute takes the form of an evocative grove of reeds, made with a choreography of LED lights. Games of light and hues (red/energy, yellow/good cheer, green/serenity, white/tranquility) controlled by a dedicated system make the culinary socializing even more enjoyable. Starting in May, the Whirlpool cooking show will have a permanent place inside the Hilton Molino Stucky Venice, becoming a state open to the public, in honor of the historic Super Pasta Stucky, the basic dish of the Mediterranean diet, whose flour was produced right here, in the old mill on the island of Giudecca. www.whirlpool.it