Galleria Corraini - via Ippolito Nievo 7/a - Mantua - Until 30 October

Galleria Corraini – via Ippolito Nievo 7/a – Mantua – Until 30 October


Galleria Corraini hosts the exhibition Generazioni by Andrea Anastasio and an installation of letters from the alphabet of Giosetta Fioroni, an artist with a long history of collaboration with the gallery.

With Generazioni the Italian designer focuses on the relationship between human beings and ceramic materials, in a series of works made in the historic Bottega Gatti. Anastasio’s vases, in a sequence of forms narrating everyday stories, suggest the progress of generations, changes, revolutions, regressions.

In the Alfabeto Fioroni every letter is a panel made with materic paint, a feature of the great artistic prowess of Giosetta. The letters, as the minimum parts of writing, are joined by a series of primers from the world of publishing.