Sixth edition of the partnership between SaloneSatellite and Rinascente, to open the doors of the Design Supermarket to 9 new talents

Design Supermarket, Rinascente Duomo Milano

From 3 October to 25 December

SaloneSatellite is a proving ground for young designers with outstanding creativity, able to make good use of the full potential of technological and digital transformation, ready to take risks by focusing on research and experimentation, while not overlooking the craft tradition and the roots of design.

A survey of this new generation of designers has been made by Rinascente to identify the rising stars, offering them concrete opportunities for contact with a large audience.

Until Christmas, at the Design Supermarket, 12 selected products will be on view and for sale, items that stand out for the use and treatment of materials, the focus on the environment and an accent on eclectic versatility, simplicity and positive thinking.

The designers are: Stefano Carta Vasconcellos (Italy), winner of the SaloneSatellite Award 2018, Mauro Baronchelli (Italy), Visser + Meijwaard (Holland), Nöme (Russia), Kenkö (Germany), Valentina Zuendel (Italy/Austria), Alizarina Studio (Italy).