Two giant red bows for the holidays in Rome

Rome, 9 December – 15 January

The Biggest Bows is a double installation in two zones of Rome: Palazzo Argonauta (Ostiense) and at the top of the Lafuente towers (Parco de’ Medici).

Conceived as Christmas decorations, the two installations are composed of big inflatable red bows, lighted from the inside, on the facades of the buildings.

On the Lafuente towers the bows are on both sides, while in the nearby garden stands an enormous spool of red ribbon with a pair of scissors.

The project commissioned by Valle Giulia Real Estate, owner of the buildings, has been created by Thirtyone Design, the studio founded in 2015 by Claudia Campone, and produced by Fly In, an Italian company of reference in the sector of inflatables, with project management by the Swedish designer Magnus Gustafsson.

The making of the bows involved structural studies and complex wind-resistance calculations, as well as lighting trials.

The video shows the installation of the red bow on the facades of the Lafuente towers.