Whirlpool presents the app 6° Senso Live Technology with which to interact remotely with a set of appliances consisting of a washing machine, dryer and refrigerator, which are also interconnected. The app is the result of a course of study and research on interconnection started by the company 15 years ago.

This project calls for a schedule of launches by 2018 for all the pan-European brands. The first launch in 2016 covers a full suite composed of the washing machine, the SupremeCare dryer and the Supreme Dual NoFrost refrigerator, the three appliances that are part of the Whirlpool set of products connected with the 6th Sense Live Technology app, available on the market today.

A video tutorial, always up to date, facilitates understanding and use of technologies found in Whirlpool products, guiding the consumer in everyday use.

An automatic notification system guarantees consumers peace of mind and safety in the operation of the products.

In addition to connecting the appliances to the user, the app facilitates dialogue between the individual appliances, to maximize synergy: the washing machine communicates information on the load and the spin to the dryer, so that it can already pre-set parameters and the mode of drying the laundry in the most appropriate way. All this, in addition to helping users, ensures maximum energy savings by activating a virtuous cycle of resource optimization.