The ‘secret’ – hidden places, small courtyards, precious internal gardens – is the magic of Milan, and this is the focus of the design of Le Suite of Palazzo Segreti, a discreet, intimate location.

Near the rising skyline of the Garibaldi district, the facility has just 7 suites, where the pleasure of domestic comfort is enhanced by an innovative concept based on the theme of travel.

The materials are the true protagonists of this design itinerary and emphasize the pursuit of an unexpected ‘secret’: rugged cement contrasts with historic decorations, solid wood with vibrant steel tones, in this boutique hotel.


The fil rouge of contrasting materials, linking public and private space, is perfectly clear in the area of the kitchen created by Abimis in keeping with precise client requests.

The glow of AISI 304 stainless steel, a constant in the firm’s products, stands out against the oak floors for a sophisticated look.

The whitewashed brick walls with arch openings set off the elegance of the zone where clients can relax while cooking, thanks to the clean image of the Atelier model.

The focal point of the space is a long rectangular island equipped with sink, burners and oven, a place for convivial moments of food preparation or interesting cooking demonstrations for small groups.

Abimis has thus supplied a domestic kitchen for a hotel that truly offers a home away from home.