A new achievement for AGC Flat Glass Italia, which has supplied the glass for the facades of the three San Benigno towers in Genoa designed by 5+1AA.

The idea of the project was to use colored glass to create shading across the entire expanse of the facades of the three towers, shifting from the paler tones of the fronts less exposed to sunlight towards the darker hues of those receiving greater solar radiation.

For the concept, AGC has supplied glass in six different colors that combined two by two, ton-sur-ton, generate a “softer” tone on each side of the towers, attenuating the contrast with the adjacent facade.

The composition therefore uses two different colors of glass at a time, with technical characteristics that make it possible to achieve the thermo-acoustic values required in this zone and for this type of function.

The final result is an iridescent outer surface that together with the “horizontal shading” gives the buildings a different appearance from every angle, while granting each tower a different nuance from the others.

Reflections and transparency, more intense or more tenuous, proceed in a sort of meteorological kaleidoscope that makes the facades more opaque and massive, or more liquid and reflecting, and then semi-transparent, all as if a set of mutable clouds were constantly crossing the building in its three main facades.