An innovative project of research and design between Agena, the historic Turin-based producer of papers and fabrics for interior decorating, and the Istituto Europeo di Design, the international training network in the areas of Fashion, Design, Visual Arts and Communication – aimed at encouraging young talents and developing creative concepts to transpose into furnishing solutions.

Agena has participated with enthusiasm, involving 35 students.

The young people of the Jewelry Design program were asked to make an object for transformation into a fashion accessory, namely a handbag.

For the Fashion Design course, the students worked on the creation of a mini-collection of furnishing fabrics using printing and/or Jacquard weaving. Designing new ideas, starting with concept development, mood, color charts and coordinated drawings, a splendid portfolio inspired by technology emerged from the work.

The result of the process with IED is the production of unique, innovative works.