In a clearing amidst the trees at an altitude of 700 meters, near the Passo del Cavallo, between Lake Garda and Lago d’Iseo, this house is like an integral part of the landscape, with a valley open to the south, framed by the peaks of the Dolomites to the north.

Green meadows and trees surround the facade made in Tecu® Oxid embossed sheet metal, wood and glass. Materials that fit into the surrounding natural environment while distinguishing themselves from it at the same time.

The facades establish a dialogue with the landscape, as intended in the design done by the architect Camillo Botticini: rooted towards the slope to the north, the house seems to enter the mountain, while it is free to the south, with an overhang projecting towards the valley.

The house has an irregular C-shaped footprint, with a patio where the fourth side is formed by the green hillside. The architect and the client wanted to make an ecological house, which influenced the choices of construction materials and technical performance features.

The villa is heated by a geothermal system and a heat pump. The ventilated facades reduce heating costs, almost reaching levels of zero consumption and zero pollution, combined with the excellent ecological qualities of Tecu® copper to create a truly modern work of architecture.

Tecu® Oxid KME is recycled copper, and 100% recyclable. This important characteristic shared by all the products of the Tecu® range is appreciated by designers and clients in search of natural materials for works of bioarchitecture.

The ecological Tecu® recycled copper matches all the properties of the primary metal and meets all the requirements of European EN1172 standards.

Photo ©Nicolò Galeazzi