The private villa in the hills of Pescara designed by the architect Sonia Ferretto is imposing, but at the same time perfectly inserted in the landscape.

The modular design of the dwelling, thanks to the play of lines and spaces, makes it solid but also light. A compact volume featuring glass for views of the fields and the sky, making the home form a whole with the surrounding nature. The materials have been carefully chosen and deployed.

The main facade, set back with respect to the perimeter space, features a large, long terrace that functions as a true portico at the upper level. The pillars, in an asymmetrical arrangement, create a play of shadows and movement that together with the furnishings generate a rhythmical effect.

The windows are positioned to capture light and to offer spectacular views.

A house in perfect harmony with the context in which it stands, open to the outside, yet solid and secure, also thanks to the choice of the security doors.

The main entrance is enhanced by the Synua model by Oikos Venezia, the armored pivot door for large sizes, known for its high performance and many options for personalization.

The wenge-oak finish on the outside is combined with white lacquer on the inside.

The other security access to the residence features the Tekno  10-sector model, with one steel segment, also in wenge-oak.

The bedroom also has the same security door, with the same finish.