A deep relationship of empathy connected Slamp, Zaha Hadid and her team at 10 Bowling Green Lane since 2013.

A relationship that began with the first collections, Aria and Avia, and led to many installations in the most famous international museums, as well as the creation of two extensions of the product range. The first, Aria Transparent, was presented at Euroluce 2015, while the latest, Aria Gold, was launched on the market during the latest Salone del Mobile in Milan, just a few weeks after the death of the starchitect.

Fluid, light, impalpable, dynamic, elegant lighting fixtures.

Aria Gold is made with 50 layers of aluminium-vapor metallized polycarbonate that radially wrap the center LED light source.

The 50 ‘arms’ of the chandelier are all different from each other, so the workmanship is done almost entirely by hand.