Asola is a rooftop restaurant overlooking San Babila, a square that is a symbol of Milan, and offers the possibility of having lunch or dinner against the backdrop of a picturesque metropolitan skyline. From the windows that open along the edge of the room, in fact, you can enjoy one of the most beautiful panoramic views of the skyscrapers of the new Milan.

The protagonist is the large kitchen open on three sides, surrounded by a large counter where guests can directly observe and sample the results of live cooking by the resident chef Matteo Torretta.

The restyling of the terrace, based on vintage style, has been developed with 1950s furniture (a tribute to the period of construction of the building designed by the architect Giovanni Muzio). The terrace is connected to Terrazza12, the lounge bar on the upper level.

The kitchens are by Marrone, the Friuli-based company that has produced finely crafted kitchens for over 30 years, combining design, technology and innovation. Unique monoblock creations, 100% Made in Italy, tailored to offer the best performance for the needs of every chef.

All the equipment is electrical, with a total absence of gas. Marrone implements the highest levels of professionalism: the two blocks are equipped with induction ranges; the mobile volumes are larger (830 for center block, 760 for the other); single cooktops of 30/10, 15/10 for work areas, and cabinets with H2 hygienic internal finish; magnetic refrigerator closure; masonry base and centralized organization of all physical plant systems; ventilated exhaust ceilings; electrical optimization; remote refrigeration control for high energy savings.

What happens when two chefs like Eugenio Boer and Matteo Torretta meet in the kitchen? To find out, on Thursday 16 June at 20.00 there will be a unique “show-off,” a one-time-only event… for info and reservations: tel. 0292853303.