Fabio Novembre chooses HI-MACS for the new restaurant of Heinz Beck at CityLife in Milan

Fabio Novembre chooses HI-MACS for the new restaurant of Heinz Beck at CityLife in Milan


A material of the new generation, with a mineral-like appearance: HI-MACS in the Volcanics version has been used for the dramatic counter of “Attimi by Heinz Beck”, the new casual restaurant of prize-winning chef Heinz Beck a CityLife Milano, created in collaboration between Beck & Maltese Consulting and Chef Express (Gruppo Cremonini).

“We do not remember days, but moments,” Cesare Pavese wrote, and this phrase has inspired the architect Fabio Novembre in the interior design of “Attimi by Heinz Beck,” the bistro conceived for every moment of the day, from breakfast to dinner.

The core of the project is the large showcase counter that looks as if it had been made with a combination of stone and quartz, but is actually in the HI-MACS solid surface material with the characteristic Frosty finish, from the Volcanics collection. Made with minerals, natural pigments and acrylic, HI-MACS differs from stone because it can be thermoformed in any shape, cut like wood and crafted to eliminate any visible joints, imperfections or flaws that arise over time.

HI-MACS has a non-porous surface, making it easy to clean and resistant to staining and bacteria, so it is perfect for direct contact with food and people. The irregular texture of the Volcanics colors, part of a catalogue of about 100 different finishes, replicates that of mineral aggregates and composites, giving rise to a natural appearance.

Fabio Novembre explains: “I think it is no coincidence that the word present means a tense, in time, and a gift. This was the starting point for the design. Here the instants – the attimi – are not fleeting impressions, but intense experiences that make a strong impression in the mind.”