To rediscover high fidelity in the era of Spotify. The arrival in Italy of the wireless speakers of the Addon series (produced by Audio Pro, the Swedish company that invented amplified speakers in the 1980s, and distributed in Italy by Sounders) is a bit of good news for music lovers.

The speakers are universal, permitting achievement of maximum audio quality from any source, from a smartphone to a laptop to a TV of the latest generation.

It is possible to choose the Addon Audio Pro model best suited to your personal requirements: T3 for a small space (average distance less than 7 meters); T10 for the living area, with 5.5” woofers and an excellent range of frequency response; T14 stereo: two Bluetooth speakers to place on two sides of the room, without the encumbrance of wires, amplifiers and equalizers.

Addon T3 and T10 are equipped with a trio of speakers: two tweeters and one woofer, for overall power, respectively, of 35W (2×5 + 1×15 W) and 80W (2×20 + 1×40 W).

The T14 stereo speakers have an excellent tweeter-woofer set: each unit has a 1” magnet for high frequencies, and a 4.5” cone for lows, for a total of 55W of power for each speaker, 110W in all.

T3 has a Bluetooth 4.0 port and powered 3.5mm jack input, while T10 also adds an RCA input for turntables and/or CD players; the T14 also has two Toslink optical fiber inputs to interface with DAT players and game consoles.

All three audio platforms can be used with Addon SUB, the amplified subwoofer of the Addon series, with an 8” cone and outstanding power for home listening: a total of 150W.