The historic Castille Square, the highest point of La Valletta in Malta, shines with a new light thanks to a spectacular lighting system developed by B Light.

Besides the square, the firm has lighted the various buildings that face it: the Auberge de Castille built by the Knights of St. John and now the headquarters of the Prime Minister of Malta, the Malta Stock Exchange building, and the St. James Bastion.

The system is based on a technical project by Spld of Paradiso (Lugano), and has been installed by Rvc of Villa Vellas (Malta), with B Light supplying the fixtures, also made to measure.

For this complex project, given the historical and artistic importance of the site, B Light has developed special products and accessories to meet the lighting requirements outlined in the tender: small fixtures were required, with special RAL (in the same color of the typical Maltese limestone), for color temperature of 2700K, and custom mounting brackets for installation at the site.