The advanced technology of B Light  gives the Raiffeisen Bank lighting that adapts to the unusual design and curved form of the structure, emphasizing its futuristic character.

For this remarkable building in  Stabio, Switzerland, the company of reference in the production of LED fixtures has created special linear built-in solutions to accompany the fluid details of the reception area and the sharp angles of the innovative architecture.

The ceilings of the offices feature the Inserto Medium 40 F System and Inserto Medium 40 W, with its slim and versatile fixtures.

The meeting room uses Inserto Medium 105 SD2, a suspension fixture that offers perfectly homogeneous lighting, while the restrooms and staircases are enhanced by Inside 80 R, a circular built-in wall fixture.

The curved internal staircases are lit by Atlas XSR, a built-in fixture with recessed optics, while the outdoor ramps use products from the Button:  200 DO  and 200 W lines.

In the garden, the dimmable direction-adjustable built-in ground level fixtures from the Merope line.