Riedel Crystal presents Bacchus, the latest creation of Maximilian J. Riedel, eleventh generation and CEO of the company. Like all the decanters by the Austrian firm, the new item is the result of skillful manufacturing by the master glassmakers working in the historic Riedel glassworks in Kufstein, Tyrol.

As the name implies, Bacchus is a tribute to the Roman god of wine and banquets, evoking the form of a bull’s horn with which the divinity is often associated in classic iconography. With this latest creation, Riedel reinterprets the myth of the lively, cheerful and carefree god, aptly shifting it into a high-end wine accessory.

In keeping with the Riedel philosophy of “form follows function,” the horizontal, oblong design of Bacchus makes it possible to have a large base that maximizes contact of the wine with oxygen, to improve bouquet and flavor. In short, a true functional art object, an elegant, classic touch for the table.