Thanks to the BeoHome Design App it is possible to see how BeoLab 90, the innovative audio speakers, will look in your own living room. Or you can see which corner of the bedroom is best for BeoSound 35, the very new compact wireless speaker from Bang&Olufsen.

The new app allows you to visualize Bang & Olufsen products in a domestic setting. You can choose from speakers, audio systems and television sets, simply by positioning them in the part of the room framed by the camera of your iPad.

With a few clicks you can select from the various colors available for the speakers, to find the perfect tone for the room, and the ideal position for the television, on a wall bracket or a floor stand.

There is also a Room Builder function with which to select and adapt pre-set layouts and standard forms, adding furniture and products to get a better idea of the way rooms will look when a Bang & Olufsen product has been added, introducing or moving furniture in a situation of augmented reality.

The BeoHome Design app can be downloaded free for iPad Mini 2, iPad Air and iPad Pro (iOS 8.4 and later updates) at the AppStore.