BenBo a/k/a Bed&Boarding presents the first capsule hotel in Italy, at Aeroporto Internazionale in Naples. A new fast&cheap hospitality format, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. An original concept, in line with contemporary travel trends with an eye on comfort, optimizing time and saving money.

Not a hotel per se, but independent habitat modules, room-cabins measuring about 4 sqm with all the comforts needed by travelers: automatic doors, windows with blinds, a bed, a work table, soundproofed walls, adjustable AC, atmospheric lighting with individual settings, a mirror and coat racks, a docking station for iPods and Mp3 players, multimedia TV with entertainment, multimedia touchscreen with flight information, an alarm clock, electrical sockets and Internet access.

The project involves the conversion of the former ATI building in the landside zone of the airport. The developers are a pool of local entrepreneurs in collaboration with Gesac SpA