The path of design and production of Caimi Brevetti has always been based on a vocation for research, the constant presence of quality and sustainable practices. But there’s more: for Caimi Brevetti, the focus on human wellness represents an indispensable, constant value set.

This philosophy is reflected in the patented Snowsound and Snowsound-Fiber sound absorbing systems, true milestones in the field of acoustic design applied to living space.

One of the latest creations, the Snowsofa designed by Sezgin Aksu, entered the spotlight as one of the pieces selected for the ADI Index 2018.

Snowsofa is an acoustic sofa with a high back, conceived to offer total wellbeing in moments of relaxation. It is an original project that combines comfort, ergonomics and acoustic wellbeing. The pleated curtain is made with the Snowsound-Fiber acoustic fabric, a material that guarantees visual and acoustic privacy and comfort, while avoiding the effect of an overly muffled atmosphere.