The antique tower of the Parco Romantico della Regina in Fiesole was built at the end of the 1800s by Sir John Temple Leader, who wanted it to resemble the tower of his Castello di Vincigliata.

After careful renovation work done by the architect Simone Micheli, today the Torre di Maiano has become a suite, a space in which art and relaxation combine to offer visitors a storybook experience.

The project “Big dream in a little tower” was presented during Milano Design Week 2015 in a virtual exhibition where visitors, thanks to an app, could enter the space of a dream that was yet to become concrete, and now has finally been completed.

The ground level contains an elegant kitchen; a spiral staircase leads to the first floor and the living area from which a balcony overlooks a pond, offering a view of the nature around the tower. The second floor is for the suite, with a space for relaxation above it, including a Turkish bath.