SaraGiunti – known until recently as Ed Emotion Design – is a brand of handbags and accessories inspired by the world of functionality and technology. The bags are equipped with a special patented mechanism, aided by a sensor, that triggers LED lights that to illuminate the inside of the bag when the zipper is opened. The battery, which powers two inner LED strips, can also be used to recharge smartphones and electronic devices through a USB cable.


A new line of innovative bags, 289 by SaraGiunti, has also been introduced.

The distinctive feature is the texture inspired by ancient Japanese seals, Art Nouveau protagonists in the 1920s. Natural organic shapes, from the repertoire of papyrus and lotus flowers. The bags have a practical, functional and technological design. Thanks to the 289 BAG app and Bluetooth technology, you can connect your smartphone to the bag and receive a vibration signal for every message. In addition, an LED strip inside the bag can be switched on whenever light is required.


The brand was founded in 2012 and is the brainchild of Sara Giunti, the talented young designer and entrepreneur.