Ninety square km in two provinces (Como and Monza-Brianza), 200,000 inhabitants, about 2000 companies in the wood, furnishings and design sectors, ten municipalities that together have decided to meet a series of challenges to take part in the rebound and revitalize a production district of absolute excellence.

Brianza Experience is an agreement signed at the start of 2014 by the mayors of Lissone, Cantù, Carugo, Cabiate, Figino Serenza, Giussano, Lentate sul Seveso, Mariano Comense, Meda and Sovico to emphasize awareness in towns that in spite of an aggregate local GDP of over 3.5 billion euro, have paid and are still paying the price of the crisis, with companies closing and the loss of jobs.

It was time to act and to do something useful for the territory and its excellent production, which over the last 50 years has been the key to success and affluence, making this region unique.

Thanks to financing from the Lombardy Region and the system of chambers of commerce, and programs involving incentives for EXPO 2015, Brianza Experience has created Brianza Design District, a digital platform in which all the elements of local know-how are summed up and narrated. A portal with the Grand Tour of places of production, innovation and tradition.

An innovative way to begin outlining a wider-ranging place branding project capable of generating new stimuli for territorial appeal, both for companies and for international investors. Promoting a new form of experiential tourism where together with the classic destinations, it is possible to see factories, workshops, the beating heart of Brianza know-how.

Under the heading #brianzadesigndistrict over 180 companies (from small craftsmen to large industrial groups) that have made this geographical area great have now gathered, to prove that they still have a lot to say, to narrate and, above all, to do.