The year 2015 comes to an end with the virtual 3D experiment created by Primo Piano Livingallery / Interdisciplinary Projects & Services for Contemporary Art (Lecce, Italy), with the 3D platform that hosts one color of the chromatic scale on a monthly basis.

This 8th edition of the Project Room, curated as always by Dores Sacquegna, is a tribute to the color brown, in the exhibition Brown Effervescence: the colors of the earth.

Until 19 January 2016, followers and collectors from all over the world can visit the online gallery 24 hours a day, non-stop until the end of the event. The simulation of the works hung on the walls permits a realistic view of the architectural space that hosts the gallery.

Visitors can explore the spaces with the mouse and interact with the works of painting, photography and mixed media by young talents and internationally acclaimed artists. The simulation permits easy enjoyment of artworks on the part of adults and youngsters.

In the virtual gallery each work has a profile that can be viewed when you click on the item. It can be enlarged, showing the name and origin of the artist, the title of the work, the technique used and the price. The method shortens the distance between the physical gallery and the world, creating connections and dialogue between cultures.

Obtained by combining red, yellow and blue, the color brown in the symbol of satisfaction on a physical level. It expresses emotional engagement and sensuality, but also balance and good health. It is the color of the earth, of tree trunks, security, love for one’s roots, prudence, patience and tenacity.

The protagonists of this 8th edition are twenty national and international artists, of different generations, backgrounds and techniques.