The interior renovation project was for a 1960s home inserted in a masonry building in the eastern stretch of the 15th-century fortified walls of the city of Faenza. The complex of 240 m2 is on two levels, and forms a single-family residence.


The architect Giorgio Gualdrini has responded to the needs of the clients through the choice of particularly warm, welcoming finishes. The essential rationale of the design, which creates a new, open relationship among the various spaces of the large living zone, is enhanced by careful choice of materials, including the wood that has been inserted in every space of the home, including the staircase, the kitchen and the bathroom.


The American walnut boards from the Listoni Pregiati collection of Cadorin have been chosen as the ideal product for this situation, for their strength, waterproofing, elegance, variety of grain and hues.