The architect Carlo Rampazzi is the interior designer ofEden Roc in Ascona, one of the finest Swiss hotels. He has updated the indoor and outdoor areas, the spa and rooms over the years.

Spacious rooms with great attention to detail, luxurious, with a modern look. The renovation of the fourth floor was recently completed: the interior design from 2002, also by Rampazzi, has been completely revised.

For this restyling, the architect has selected a new concept: while previously the color of the fabric parts (curtains, bedspreads, pillows) was the distinguishing factor of each space, now the focal point became a painting, a large artwork by the artist Tristan.

Every room is features one picture and dominates the setting, reworked in tune with the painting. Everywhere there are neutral tones, in the furniture, the curtains, the fabrics, all to enhance the artwork as thoroughly as possible.