Essential Scorrevole by Scrigno is a protagonist of the House of the Infinite in Cadiz, a construction that extends like a pier towards the Atlantic Ocean, opening to boundless horizons. In the project, the solutions offered by the company blend into the setting, emphasizing the sense of continuity that is the essence of the work: an infinite plane facing the infinite sea.

Designed by Alberto Campo Baeza, the house is like a podium topped by a horizontal plane in Roman travertine that extends over the sandy beach, creating a large chest, 20 meters in width and 36 in depth.

Under the first 12 meters the residential spaces are organized on two levels cut into the stone, the main material of the entire structure, as far as the entrance wall that separates it from the street. After the wall, access to the interior happens through steps cut into the nude platform, bordered on three sides by masonry for protection from the wind.

The refinement of the architectural structure is equally precise in the interior design, thanks to painstaking aesthetic and functional choices. In this sense, to find a solution capable of dividing the rooms without invading the spaces, the designer has opted for Essential Scorrevole by Scrigno to separate the private bathrooms and closets, accessed directly from the individual bedrooms on the ground floor.

On the first floor, Essential Scorrevole in the single-panel version has been used to separate the kitchen from the central vestibule, topped by a skylight that brings natural lighting to the rooms. This zone offers direct access to the dining room through a large opening that draws the gaze towards the panorama outside. A passage that when necessary can be closed thanks to Essential Scorrevole in the double-leaf version, bringing a sense of privacy to a room that opens to infinity.