Tiziana Monterisi Architetto creates Casa UD in Chamois at an altitude of 1816 meters, built over an old ruin dating back to 1834. Using 100% natural avant-garde solutions to reduce environmental impact to a minimum, the studio has made a totally passive house without sacrificing refinement in the design.

For example, thanks to the insulating properties of rice straw inserted in the framework, the building requires no heating or air conditioning: also during the winter, Casa UD keeps its interior at a mild, comfortable temperature.

Humidity is regulated in a natural way by the internal stucco made of raw earth, with natural ventilation.

The building exploits natural sunlight and ventilation; a photovoltaic system captures solar energy as the main source for the production of electricity.

The wooden surfaces (floors, internal doors) have been treated with natural oils, while the masonry surfaces have been completed inside with raw earth and vegetable-based paints.

To guarantee perfect thermal insulation, between the house and the retaining wall cellular glass has been placed, using a material that is 99% recycled and recyclable.

Casa UD is the recent winner of the Premio Sostenibilità 2017 in the category Renovation/Restoration.