The original project by Angelo Mangiarotti, Bruno Morassutti and Aldo Favini from 1956-58 marked a truly epochal passage in the figurative and constructive approach to the creation of places of worship in our country.

The architecture stands out for the use of the materials that represent the revolution of modernism, such as concrete, steel and glass, and the coherent approach to their combination.

The control of technique aimed at achieving compositional results, more than the pleasure of pure artifice, generates a work that transcends its time and conserves all of its originality and expressive force today, with a roof structure in prestressed reinforced concrete and an iconic enclosure of translucent glass.

The exterior has returned to the splendor of its striking glass wrapper, while the interior, thanks to the modern ceramic technologies of Casalgrande Padana, faithfully reproduces the image of the original flooring.

Casalgrande Padana has contributed to this delicate restoration project as the sole supplier of ceramic products, installing 1000 square meters of porcelain stoneware for the flooring of the large single nave of this unique place of worship.

The ceramic sheets have been produced in the original format of 14×28 cm used by the designers in 1958, rigorously replicating the pattern of the installation. The mix design of the tiles has been specially formulated to faithfully reproduce the color of the original pieces. Great care has gone into the reproduction of the surface finish, in terms of grain and the reflection of light.