Reopened last year after 40 years of abandon, the Teatro Sociale of Camogli is an extraordinary example of an Italian theater with a horseshoe layout, built in 1874-76. The theater designed by the architect Salvatore Bruno still conserves its original architecture with four orders of balconies, with stuccowork extending to the ceiling. The town in Liguria can once again enjoy this gathering place of remarkable beauty.


For the ambitious project supervised by the Berlucchi studio of Brescia and Arassociati of Milan, Catellani & Smith has supplied a series of lamps of great theatrical impact, like the large gilded disk that conceals a lighting system by Light Contract, involved in the entire technical lighting design of the Teatro Sociale. A true sculpture that forms a harmonious whole with the overall decor of the space.

From the outer entrance to the hall, Catellani & Smith welcomes the audience with spectacular Macchina della Luce suspension lamps, forming circles of light and shadow on the precious decorated ceilings, bringing warmth to the black and white marble facings of the space.