The project for the lighting of the Emirgan Sutis restaurant in Caglayan (Istanbul), developed by Tepta Lighting and the architect Bilgehan Senel, required not only lamps to create a large, welcoming space, but also fixtures for ideal illumination, perfect for all guests.

This is why the choice went to various lamp models by Catellani & Smith, all featuring the same gold-color finish, which stands out in the facility, creating a majestic, elegant effect.

Entering from the two main entrances, guests are greeted by soft indirect light from the Macchina Della Luce suspensions, made with the craftsmanship that sets all Catellani & Smith production apart. The golden brightness of the golden finish also shines through the glass ceiling of the structure, creating an evocative effect.

Other hanging lamps – from the Stchu-Moon line with black and gold finish – have been installed in the bakery area, casting warm light on the shelves. The light sources of the lamps are hidden by real spoons positioned inside the dome. This ironic detail helps to make these suspensions into a true icon of the restaurant.

On the sides of the doors other wall lamps from the same collection have been installed: among them, two Stchu-Moon models stand out for their unusual crescent shape.

A series of Malagola suspensions hang from the suspended ceiling of the ​​service counter zone, contributing with their elliptical shape to enhance the golden atmosphere of mysterious charm and magic .