The Due2 porcelain stoneware collection offered by Del Conca Group has the ideal thickness (20 mm) for external paving. It comes in 14 textures – wood effect, stone and marble – in this particular thickness. Many architects choose Due2 for their projects, because it ensures resistance to wear, prevents slipping, and stands up to impacts and weathering, while offering refined looks comparable to those of interior products.


Two residential projects have been completed in Brisbane, Australia, by the architect Dion Seminara.

The first, Herbertson, located in Carina Heights, consists of a series of luxury apartments. Soul, in the stone-effect version, by Due2, has been used in the 60×60 cm format for all the outdoor areas, in two colors: entrance, driveway, outdoor zones and the large pool area.


The second project, Cormorant Close, is a private residence located in the suburb of Cashmere. This project is good example of architecture integrated into nature. In this house full of light, contiguous spaces are connected by a series of soft lines. The result is a harmonious whole with a continuous game of indoor-outdoor connections. The interiors feature the use of the Nat Nebraska porcelain stoneware collection by Del Conca.