Coke Second Life, the former Coca-Cola pavilion that has become a shelter for a basketball court, was opened with the mayor Beppe Sala on hand, at Parco La Spezia in Milan on 3 October.

The building, originally constructed and managed by F&M Ingegneria for Expo 2015, was designed from the start to become a covered space for sporting activities and the local community.

The recycling effort includes the refurbishing of two existing basketball courts, covering the eastern court by repositioning the structures of the Coca-Cola pavilion. The initiative reflects one of the main themes of the recent Expo: sustainability, the battle against waste, where dismantling means zero-impact deconstruction, not demolition.

The architectural design has been done by the architect Giampiero Peia (Studio Peia Associati) with structural design by the engineer Stefano Tortella of Aegis, while F&M Ingegneria covers the following activities: definitive design of physical plant, coordination of security in the design and implementation phases, general work supervision, operative management of physical plant and fire prevention systems.