According to a study conducted by University of Salford, Manchester, and financed by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), it appears that color, together with other factors like light, temperature and air quality, can have a positive influence on student performance, with improvements of up to 16% in more than one year.

This is why Gerflor produces flooring in PVC for educational spaces all over the world, an ecological, 100% recyclable and colorful product, to enhance all indoor areas.

Many children in schools around the world walk on Gerflor vinyl floors. The PVCs of the new generation invented and produced by the French company are particularly suited to spaces for children, for a range of different reasons: first of all, Gerflor – thanks to its focus on raw materials and exclusive production processes – has achieved maximum levels of international certification, including Floorscore, REACH, AgBB, HQE, M1 and ASTM, guaranteeing the highest level of indoor air quality. The certainty of this fundamental parameter is the primary concern in the creation of a healthy environment for kids.

The focus on sustainable growth is joined by sound-absorbing properties and very easy cleaning, qualities that make these products unique for the creation of pleasant, comfortable and safe environments.

While the characteristics described above ensure physical health, the infinite combinations of hues of Gerflor products encourage correct sensorial stimulation, improving the learning capacity of children.

Finally, Gerflor guarantees 100% recycling of the materials produced.