To bring character to a villa on the hills overlooking Cannes, the designer Jean Rogliano has reinterpreted the typical forms of ships in a modern way, softening them as if shaped by the wind, with portholes and piers.


Even the surrounding setting suggests the sea: with its 300 square meters on four levels, and a roof terrace, the villa stands on a lot of about 1500 m2 in the midst of the hills, whose gentle forms are reminders of the waves of the Mediterranean.


To make a work of architecture that would be harmoniously inserted in the landscape, while reconciling modernity and cutting-edge technique, the choice of the material HI-MACS® has been of fundamental importance.

The beauty and quality of the material blend perfectly into the landscape of Croix des Gardes. Thanks to HI-MACS® it has been possible to make a series of rounded and geometric forms with impeccable workmanship.