The architect Emanuele Genuizzi submitted the selected proposal, chosen by the jury for its “balance and functional quality.”


The competition involved 151 participants (20 from abroad), 61 of which reached the second phase, then narrowed down to 10 finalists. It was organized by the City of Milan through the digital procedure Concorrimi made available by the Architects’ Association of Milan.

The goal: to revitalize and refunctionalize the area of Piazza Castello – Foro Bonaparte, creating a pedestrian zone.


A large tree-lined plaza that establishes a relationship with the system of avenues along the sides of the castle and leads to a boulevard. This will be the future organization of Piazza Castello, as envisioned in the winning project.


Simplification of furnishing elements, economy of materials, enhancement of the landscape and the historic layout of the city center are key factors in the proposal submitted by the architect and group leader Emanuele Genuizzi, to outline a new organization of Piazza Castello, Via Beltrami and Largo Cairoli.


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